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True Health Made Simple

Jan 26, 2016

Being able to adapt is the key to staying healthy. It is said that only the strong survive but really it is the most adaptable that do the best. In this episode we discuss what adaptability really is and how to be sure you are.

Jan 19, 2016

"Vitamin P" is one of the key "nutrients" for brain health, mental health, and being pain free. We so often overlook the important role that it plays in our overall health and while some attention is paid to it, it is most often relegated to an afterthought in our healthcare system. For health's sake, make sure you...

Jan 10, 2016

Do you center your eating around calories? Do you think a certain amount is healthy and above or below that is unhealthy? In this episode we dive into what is actually needed from our diet and we break down the myth that keep so many people from achieving their health goals.